Common Sexual Problems For Men

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The most common sexual problems in men are; Erection Problems, Ejaculation Problems, Curvature And Pain in The Penis During Erection, Libido ( Sexual Desire ) Problems.

Erectile Dysfunction
The erectile dysfunction is an inability to initiate sufficient rigidity for sexual intercourse, and the inability to continue.


In recent years, new methods, diagnosis and treatments are begun to apply, and patients were more aware about this problem. Men can have erection problems throughout their lives, but persistent erectile dysfunction under the age of 40 is rare. This ratio has increased with age steadily, and there are erection problems in 65% of 70 years old men.

Some changes may occur related to aging, but these changes do not always lead to erectile dysfunction. Most men in old age need more penile stimulation for hardness (stimulation of the penis by touching ), and this erection hardness can be reduced beacuse of any distractions during sex and eventually it can cause the loss of hardness. The frequency of sexual intercourse can be decreased, but relations are satisfactory at the same rate. This is very important to feel good about the man himself.

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