Recent studies have showed that most of men are unhappy with the amount and performance of their penis. Some of them said they could not maintain erectile strength for more than five minutes and were unhappy in their sex lives with their partners.

Do you sometimes have the feeling that your penis, while still participating in principle, but not as stiff as it used to be? Then try using these quick and easy exercises and a natural supplement to increase your sex power / erection hard again.

Exercises For Getting Hard Erection

  1. Achieve a better erection. To recover the energy in the male reproductive system, you only have to give a little massage in the testicles, to increase the production of testosterone which helps to revitalize the sexual energy and strengthen the erections.
  2. Comfort the penis. After the testicle massage. Take the penis and scrotum between your forefinger and thumb and pull it forward, while pushing your pelvis backwards. Pull to the left and then to the right and end down. Repeat 9 or 18 times.

Ginger mixture

Natural herbs play a major role in treating erectile dysfunction. One of the most prominent herbs is ginger, which contains a large proportion of natural compounds that stimulate blood circulation.

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With your use of hot ginger mix you can enjoy a wonderful sexual relationship and completely eliminate the problem of ED and premature ejaculation.

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