Prolargentsize Delayed Ejaculation Treatment

What is delayed ejaculation and how to handle with delayed ejaculation problem?

Delayed ejaculation signs to a difficulty or failure of a man to get an orgasm in the greatest moment of having sex and to ejaculate his sperm. Delayed ejaculation may cause be physical or psychological in men.And this devastates marriage structure.

if a man gets erected longer than 30 minutes of penetrative sex to ejaculate, although an acceptable erection, it is called delayed ejaculation. Twenty five prozent (25%)  of men is affected by delayed ejaculation.

This sexual problem can result in serious marriage or relationship for both the man and his partner. It causes low libido, and unhealthy sex life. Which is why some of relationship problems is based on delayed ejaculation among couples.

The Main Causes Of Delayed Ejaculation

It can be a lifelong style, where a man has always had failure reaching a stable orgasm, but more likely, delayed ejaculation means after a period of normal function.

Drinking alcohol or the use of similiar things can have a deep impact.

Rising age reduces the sensitivity of the man’s penis to sexual premonition.

Dissatisfaction enjoying sex

Overmasturbating : more three times a week

 delayed ejaculation causes

How To Treat Delayed Ejacution Fast At Home Naturally?

Men think that delayed ejaculation always brings trouble to their sex life with the partner. You do not need to pesimist. Until too late you can start curing delayed ejaculation problem

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