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Trim your hair

Pubic hair is a cloak that conceals your pride and joy. Trim the hair around the base of your penis and not only will you explain more exposed to the shaft, you will make it more enjoyable for your good lady to you with oral pleasure.

Use Vibrations

It's a cock ring with a difference - a small vibrator is connected, you can position to stimulate her clitoris (so it's at the top of your penis if you do it missionary style, on the bottom, near your testicles, if from behind). This acts as a great distraction - the feeling is so intense that they would not notice if your penis was half as large.


Playing in the shallow water

Contains only the first inch of the vagina of a woman many nerve endings - most are housed in her labia and clitoris. The further in you go, the less localized sensation has them. "By focusing your efforts in the shallow part of her vaginal canal your stimulation to maximize her nerve endings.This is the area that gives women most fun.


Increase your penis volume

Often men increase penis size prefer to use different activities. It is incorrect to consider surgery - the quickest way to increase penis, but they forget that the surgery creates a number of complications and side effects. Moreover, surgery is expensive and very painful. The natural Prolargent Size pill you can enlarge penis without short-term and long-term side effects. It proposes to increase sexual desire and strength.


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