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Many men worry about the size of the penis; However, many are unaware of the actual medical condition in which the size of the penis called a "Micropenis".But how small is actually a micropenis? What causes a micropenis? And how to be treated this problem

How To Definite  Micropenis?

For a micropenis, the situation corresponds to any penis that, when stretched, has an average size of 2.5 sd (standard deviations) for the age of man. In adult men, a micropenis is called smaller than 2.5 inches. Actually  micropenis is in class of smaller than 0.75 inches.

The Problems That Cause Micropenis

Having a micropenis can lead to various problems such as urination and difficulty in sexual intercourse.Fertility can also be affected. Some micropenises have a low number of sperm resulting in infertility or low fertility.-ProlargentSize increases sperm quality and volume aslo this products has very good success in increasing penis.- At the same time, the situation may have a serious effect psychologically. Many men who practice are very low self-esteem and some suffer from depression.


What Things Cause Micropenis

It is thought that this is a hormonal problem. In particular, it is thought that the male sex hormone receptor testosterone levels are caused by insufficiency.ProlargentSize Penis Enlargement&Testosterone Booster treats hormonal problems in men and helps to be aware of penis. Inadequate levels of testosterone may result from inadequate production of testosterone during the second and third trimester of pregnancy; Or the end of the unborn child's reaction to the testosterone produced.ProlargentSize Testosterone Booster in men aged 40 to 80 is the right naturally product.

How to Treat Micropenis-ProlargentSize

ProlargentSize Micopenis solution

There are methods for micropenis treatment, however which of them or which one are more available ? In this point you must choice a penis enlargement pill product:ProlargentSize is an approved penis enlargement pill that lengths penis size as you wish . This safe product makes penis longer, thicker and harder. Special herbs in ProlargentSize produce the power that micropenis needs, therefore you get a bigger penis size you desire after taking our product. Micropenis is not your nightmare anymore. ProlargentSize Natural Penis Enlangerment Product loads penis with its super effective formulation.

Do not be afraid of having micropenis. ProlargentSize amazing penis enlargement products will increase your penis!

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