Facts For The Womens And Penis Size That Probably You Never Heard

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Now here are some facts for the womens desires and opinions that you can not even imagine,but they are tottaly real:

If you're a woman and you prefer a larger than average penises, you've ... exception.
Women prefers a larger penis more than men prefers big tits.
When you think your penis is small, usually you are right.
Shorter and thinner than average penises in fallen condition usually are shorter and thinner in an excited position.
The big penis more vaginal pleasure for women.
80% of women would like their partner to have a bigger penis!
80% of men have an average or rather a small penis!
Women find small penises frustrating.
Women find small penises misfortune.
Women find small penises boring.
Women discreetly look to your "package".


Women love to staring at the men with large penises.
Women find a big penis for something impressive.
Men with a big penis are more confident.
At least once in your life, every woman dreams of having sex with a male with a very large penis.
Women brag to other women if their partner has a large penis.
When women live with gifted man, she becomes more patient.
Women cheat more on their husbands if they have a small penis.
If during the first sexual intercourse with a man's wife does not mention anything about the size of his penis, then he has little penis.
 If a woman tells you that your penis is "sweet", it usually means that it is rather small.
If a woman tells you that your penis is huuuuugggeeeee, it usually means that you simply "great."
If your wife stripped and hug your penis, then it is too big.
Women never say that your penis is "average". They will tell you that you are "big" and the rest are small and only units "awfully big."
If a woman clutches her vagina with your penis, it's because he wants to feel "big".
Women need to strain with tight to experience pleasure with thinner than average penis.
Men with short penis must be "exercised" more to pleasure a woman.

Men with a long penis can to work less to pleasure a woman.
Men with a long penis and feel more pleasure in sex.
Men with longer and thicker penis deliver the greatest pleasure in sex.
Men with smaller penises masturbate more often. Excessive masturbation causes shrinkage of your penis and wear your sexual energy.
If a woman tells ears that size does not matter, most often it's because he lives with a man with a small penis.

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